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This page contains links to various resources. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions related to GG or the documentation materials. I can be reached by email mar at rrginc dot com .

NordGen Descriptors Webinar Series

Session slides (.pdf format)

Session 1: Dec. 05, 2023 Crop Intro / Overview
Session 2: Jan. 10, 2024 Crop Ancillary Records
Session 3: Jan. 24, 2024 Requirements / Attachments
Session 4: Mar. 06, 2024 Traits - Part 1
Session 5: Mar. 20, 2024 Recording Observations (Traits - Part 2)
Session 6: Apr. 17, 2024 Searching and Crops / Traits

Trait Records (NPGS examples)
Elderberry crop exercise
Sample data for Elderberry crop exercise (.xlsx)

Additional References

Developing crop descriptor lists Bioversity International Technical Bulletin #13

Design and analysis of evaluation trials of genetic resources collections IPGRI Technical Bulletin #4

GG Citations / Literature References

Methodologies for the Assessment of 22 Crops Key Characterization and Evaluation Descriptors

UPOV Tables of Characteristics Lists 333 crops and how to evaluate them

MIAPPE Table 1 Minimum Information About a Plant Phenotyping Experiment

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European GRIN-Global Workshop

October 18-21, 2022

The workshop's primary aim is to provide expertise to genebanks interested in migrating to GRIN-Global and secondly to initiate the development of an European GRIN-Global network. Fulfilling these aims will lead to quality improvement of European documentation of PGRFA and stronger collaboration among European genebanks.

Host Genebank: Crop Research Institute (CRI)
Prague, Czech Republic

Tues. Afternoon - GG Status - Part 1
Wed. Morning Participant Guide
Wed. Morning (Slides)

Curator Tool Webinar Series - 2022

5-part series: Intro to the Curator Tool with ZOOM recording and exercises. Page also contains other viceos.

GG Admin Webinar Series - 2020

5-part webinar series covering the GG Admin Tool and related administrator topics